How to Moderate Twitch using Bots

How to Moderate, except in fancy writing

Now that you’ve got a healthy amount of viewers, it’s about time to get rid of them with a Twitch bot! Or rather, moderate Twitch chat so you can stay focused on streaming and less on literal Nazis in chat. What is Moderation? Moderation is managing or controlling what can be said or done in … Read more

How to Expand Your Twitch Network

Post title as an image, but actiony!

In my last article, How to Get Twitch Viewers and Followers, I mentioned you can get hosts and raids from other streamers in your Twitch network of friends. Today I’m going to discuss how a new streamer can build that initial network of streaming buddies from the ground up. If you’re the type of person … Read more

Devil Dice Comic Traditionally Penciled, Inked, and even Hand Lettered

Devil Dice cover showing miniature figure of main character Jimmy holding a sword

Devil Dice Finished! I spent the last month, on and off, traditionally penciling, inking and even hand lettering the Devil Dice comic. It was the first big illustration project I worked on since finishing the Jack Kirby Drafting Table. Y’know, not counting that awesome Space Chicken print. Each panel is inked using a combination of … Read more

Landscape Doodle Time Lapse

Title over drawing of a chicken coop

I’ve taken a bit of a break in writing the streaming guide, but I’ve been doing a lot more art lately and I wanted to update everyone on that. Namely, I doodled a picture of my backyard: I figure if I’m doing the art already I might as well stream it on Twitch. And… If … Read more