I Quit My Job Today

After struggling to always be employed and fighting for paychecks, raises and constant job search every day since I was 16, I’ve quit. Wait, You Did What?! I’ve quit working at United Healthcare, which was a large source of our household income. I don’t intend to work at another company again. Why Would You Do … Read more

Always Check Your VODs and/or Soundcheck

Streamed a little over 3 hours tonight and had a blast playing some Rogue Leader and Ghosts N Goblins. Both on the original hardware (Gamecube and NES respectively) patched through the tv in a complicated mesh of wires (more detail in yesterday’s post). Yesterday I had recorded myself locally within OBS Studio while playing NES … Read more

Capture Card and CRT Ready to Roll!

cheap capture device

Awwwwwwwwww yess, finally got the NES cooperating with the Dazzle capture card and my usb mixer. I’m really excited to start streaming a lot more retro titles. I really can’t recommend the Dazzle enough after going through with all of this. I’ve also ordered a PowerPak, so I’ll be playing a lot more NES games on the original … Read more

First Post!

I managed to grab the domain real cheap and found another deal for a host so I figured why not throw up a site! No plan was in place beforehand so I’m going to to throw things up here as I think about them. Initially, I suppose, this site will be a focal point for … Read more