Merch by Floydasaurus

Here’s some of my art that is fit to wear on shirts! Click any shirt and you’ll head to Amazon to buy them. I’d set up the site to handle transactions myself, but that seems like a huge pain in the ass and in all honesty you shouldn’t trust me with your money directly since I’m terrible with it. Each shirt is offered in 5 different colors and in mens (unisex), womens (fitted), and sometimes youth if I don’t curse too much on it.

Probably a good time for me to remind everyone that I¬†participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, it’s an affiliate advertising program designed to give to earn me fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

That is…

I get paid when you buy shirts. Hooray, a starving artist lives to see another day!


Need something other than a T-Shirt?

If you’d like something other than a normal t-shirt, check out my items over at Redbubble for more selection on each. I’ve enabled tanks, racerback tanks, cell phone covers, dresses, and more!

Do you want a dumbass-looking duvet cover with a cat butt on it?

You got it!