“If you want to read the word meow and variations thereof over and over, then this book is for you.”


Joshua R. B.

“You will read only meow over and over again.”



about the book

Meow is the best book filled with the word meow 75,0000 times and formatted with meow-dialogue and chapters!

Buy it as a gift for cat lovers, people who like funny coffee-table books, or anyone else. It costs as much as a greeting card and is substantially meowier!

Kids love acting out scenes and having a parent read through a chapter straight-faced 100% serious. Surely, a story-time experience they won’t ever forget.

Teachers of any grade level can use Meow as a reward to students. Having the teacher read from this silly book and having the discussion about its use of narrative devices and structure as if it were Moby Dick!

Part gag, part existential crisis. Meow is a funny way to break the ice, entertain the kids, drive someone crazy with readings by Alexa, and sitting around as an incredible coffee-table book.

Meow Chapter 1 photo featuring nothing but the word Meow

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Hate Paperbacks?

Well then you are shit out of luck!

Despite many satisfied readers and delighted children, Amazon felt the ebook version violated their storefront policies and took it down.


Hate Ebooks?

Amazon does an amazing job printing the paperback and I spent an extreme amount of effort making sure the interior was formatted and edited to my own professional standards.

By every measure there are NYT Bestselling authors with paperbacks that don’t look this good.

It does not feature a link to the newsletter.

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