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Professional Line Edit

I will leave comments on style, pacing, tone, narration, character and authorial voice.

Complete Comments

I will explain my suggestions. If a topic is too complex, I will link to an external source.

No Upselling

You will know your price upfront, based off the word-count of your manuscript.

This ain't Spellcheck and Grammarly

You’re persistant enough to knock out a manuscript. You’ve already put a few drafts through Grammarly, Hemingway and a close friend.

What they missed:

  • Character Inconsistencies

    You swapped the main character's beloved grandmother's ethnicity in chapter 4.

  • Unresolved Character Threads

    The family dog, which protects the main character early on in the novel, is never heard from again. Readers develop incredible attachments to fictional pets.

  • Your Favorite Parts Are Bad

    You could remove chapters 13-16 without a reader noticing anything missing.

I'm here to improve the writer

I’m not going to rewrite the document and hand you ready-to-print copy. You’ll receive detailed notes with the changes explaining why a change is necessary.


$50 / 1,000 words
  • Complete Manuscript Edit
  • No wordcount limit
  • 50% Deposit Required
  • Not a typo. I read slow and this takes a lot of time.
  • Turnaround time is length dependent, contact with manuscript details

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