How to Expand Your Twitch Network

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In my last article, How to Get Twitch Viewers and Followers, I mentioned you can get hosts and raids from other streamers in your Twitch network of friends. Today I’m going to discuss how a new streamer can build that initial network of streaming buddies from the ground up. If you’re the type of person … Read more

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I’ve taken a bit of a break in writing the streaming guide, but I’ve been doing a lot more art lately and I wanted to update everyone on that. Namely, I doodled a picture of my backyard: I figure if I’m doing the art already I might as well stream it on Twitch. And… If … Read more

5 Tips Twitch Streamers Need While Live to Succeed and Grow

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You are live on Twitch, but what comes before rolling around in millions of bit donations? Turns out quite a lot. You need to build and engage a viewer base first. Not to mention fix problems as they arise, because everything that can go wrong will go wrong. I explained category selection in the How … Read more

How to Stream on Twitch and Succeed

How to stream on Twitch and succeed

Live streaming is getting huge, with more than 15 million daily active users and Twitch bringing in 96% of the tipping volume compared to YouTube Live. One large reason for this is how simple it is to get started, you can even use apps on your phone, but learning how to stream successfully is an … Read more