Couldn’t Sleep == Site Updates

I had surgery last April the 26th on my face to help my breathing. Breathing is fine now, but I haven’t really got much done in the lead up or the post-op period. I was having trouble sleeping last night though and decided I’d at least throw up a silly little sales landing page for … Read more Couldn’t Sleep == Site Updates

GDPR Compliant Site Theme and Site News

I’ve heard a lot about GDPR Compliance and got worried I might get sued in Europe. I went ahead and updated the site theme and figured it was a good time to update everyone with some Floydasaurus news! New Theme: Fluida The old theme, a modified Amadeus, was pretty enough. But… It loaded like a … Read more GDPR Compliant Site Theme and Site News

Quick Answer to “What to Blog About?”

I’m still getting used to blogging daily again and truth of the matter is: I haven’t written daily for at least a few years at this point and I’m not sure what topics to write about. But this isn’t my first rodeo, I’ve done this before and I’ve been paid (admittedly underpaid) to make sure … Read more Quick Answer to “What to Blog About?”