Landscape Doodle Time Lapse

Title over drawing of a chicken coop

I’ve taken a bit of a break in writing the streaming guide, but I’ve been doing a lot more art lately and I wanted to update everyone on that. Namely, I doodled a picture of my backyard: I figure if I’m doing the art already I might as well stream it on Twitch. And… If … Read more

#GOPDnD is the Greatest Ever

I am absolutely enthralled with the creativity of the #GOPDnD hashtag. It was largely formed as a response to the horrible GOP Health Plan that attempts to largely turn back many Affordable Care Act protections. Let’s begin: An Awesome Analogy Some of the scenarios made comparisons to how the GOP health plan will cost American’s … Read more

Summoning Salt’s World Record Progression Series is Great!

Summoning Salt is a youtuber with an incredible series that summarizes the progression of retro gaming speedrun records in captivating ways. It’s like watching a really high-quality miniature documentary about some of your favorite games. My favorite one so far has been on the progression of Super Metroid, which is embedded above. An action platformer … Read more

Streams to Follow: Arcus87

As the site is becoming more and more speedrunning, retro gaming and streaming focused it’s time to get you watching some of the great streams I keep following! Today I start a weekly feature where I mention a streamer to follow and unique things they do to Arcus87 Watch live video from Arcus87 on … Read more

10 Best Patrick Stewart Gifs in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day

I’ll be honest, I don’t really celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. Namely, because I’m Latinx and pretty culturally ignorant about the Irish. Someday I’ll rectify that by immersing myself in Irish folklore, history, foods, music et al. Today is not that day. Today I thought it’d be nice to honor one of the greatest Patrick’s to … Read more