Books Written by Floydasaurus!

I’ve written a fair bit of books, but to be honest I’m not allowed to disclose many of them. Others, well, I’m just not that interested in attaching my good dinosaur name to them.

This page should provide access to the growing collection of works authored by myself that I do want to attach my good dinosaur name to for all sorts of ease of findability.

Right now, that means Meow by its lonesome, but that will change shortly! I’ve got the Twitch book coming out soon-ish, followed by a YA novel I started writing while streaming.

All books I write are available in either paperback or Kindle editions. All of the Kindle editions are available to Kindle Unlimited users for free.

Don’t have Kindle Unlimited? That’s fine, you can get 30-days for free using this link:

Book List