How to set the Best Goals for Professional Twitch Streaming

Namely: Don't choose Mountain Climbing.

Nobody takes the same road to professional Twitch stardom as any other streamer. We each have different Twitch goals and we’ll each have different complications that will affect the trip. However, As long as we know the right direction we will get there. Nearly 50 years ago, acclaimed film director Stanley Kubrick had a disastrous … Read moreHow to set the Best Goals for Professional Twitch Streaming Schedule Change

I’ve decided to change my streaming schedule over at to be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I’ve had some issues keeping to the Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday schedule as I keep having family stuff come up on the weekends and I’m real horrible at remembering Thursday exists. The added benefit of moving from Thursday is … Read Schedule Change

Free Fully Customizable Twitch Stream Overlay Template

I’ve seen a lot of new streamers who are using an absolutely horrible or obnoxious stream overlay. There are streamers out there that paid for these busy, cluttered disasters. In some cases, I’ve seen them not using anything at all on just a black background. It’s enough to make a dinosaur cry. I had enough: … Read moreFree Fully Customizable Twitch Stream Overlay Template

#GOPDnD is the Greatest Ever

I am absolutely enthralled with the creativity of the #GOPDnD hashtag. It was largely formed as a response to the horrible GOP Health Plan that attempts to largely turn back many Affordable Care Act protections. Let’s begin: An Awesome Analogy Some of the scenarios made comparisons to how the GOP health plan will cost American’s … Read more#GOPDnD is the Greatest Ever

Learning the Super Mario Bros. Speed Run

Last Thursday I finally sat down to learn the speed run route for Castlevania II Simon’s Quest. After rage quitting an hour in, I decided to pop in some Super Mario Bros. Now get this: I hadn’t actually ever beat the original Super Mario Bros. Ever. Dirty Casul Alright, hold up, I’m not some casual … Read moreLearning the Super Mario Bros. Speed Run