Best Equipment to Start Streaming on Twitch

There are plenty of places online that can offer recommendations for the most expensive PCs, cameras, lights, microphones and capture cards money can buy, but knowing what you actually need is another question altogether. Many professionals stumbled into streaming using the barest of minimum required equipment and we can all …

How to set the Best Goals for Professional Twitch Streaming

Nobody takes the same road to professional Twitch stardom as any other streamer. We each have different Twitch goals and we’ll each have different complications that will affect the trip. However, As long as we know the right direction we will get there. Nearly 50 years ago, acclaimed film director …

How to Find Subscriber Stats and Graphs with Twitch Analytics

The old method of analyzing your stream traffic was this awkward combination of the Twitch revenue page and the stats page. Flipping between the two was an absolute **pain in the ass** and you didn’t get all the necessary information to *really* go full-on crazy data scientist.
But things are better now!