Another Terrifying Day in Trump’s America

I woke up, played with doggos, made breakfast and sat down to write and these are the first things I saw:

We have bold new horrors to count toward Trump’s accomplishments since election.

Threatening Iran

He’s joking, Right? Probably not.

I imagine “put on notice” only means they shouldn’t do it again or else Iran will get a stern talking to.

Threatening University of California Berkeley

He’s probably joking. Alright, it’s probably not a joke.

Disagree with Trump? He’ll pull your funding.

Disastrous Prayer Breakfast

This prayer breakfast was an absolutely shitshow.

By the end of it he had successfully:

  • Shit on Apprentice Ratings now that Arnold Schwarzenegger has taken over.
  • Shit on Australia’s prime minister and the refugees we had agreed to accept.
  • Promised to “totally destroy” the Johnson amendment, a pillar of the separation of church and state that bars political activity by churches.
  • Claimed that the Muslim ban is because we don’t want people who “hate us and to hate our values.”

Fascism Forever

And this is nitpicking, because none of us hold onto our beliefs from high school, but we’ve also found out that Trump’s supreme court nominee founded and led a Fascism Forever club in prep school. What a horrible punchline to today’s joke of a morning.

Let’s be clear, there have been no good things that have happened since trump was elected. Screw it all, I’m going back to playing NES games on my new Powerpak.

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