How to Get Emote Rewards for Bits Tiers

Twitch has introduced a new emote tier system that unlocks additional emotes when cheering with bits. Although this has existed for partners, now affiliates can join the fun. Read on to find out how to unlock and use the new feature!

What are Emote Rewards for Bits Tiers

Twitch rewards subscribers of affiliates and partners with emotes based off the total “high score” of sub points the channel has received. Read more about How to Become a Twitch Affiliate and Partner to learn more about sub emotes.

Now both partners and affiliates will be able to reward their viewers who use bits to cheer with additional emotes. The process is in full effect for partners, and has been rolling out to all affiliates since January 2020.

These new emotes are unlocked for a user when the total amount of bits they’ve cheered with in the channel reaches certain breakpoints.

What are the Bits Emote Rewards Tiers?

The tier system for bits is the exact same tier system that already exists for the Bits Badge system.

Initially, a fresh affiliate account have the following the tiers unlocked on their Bits Badge Reward Tiers page:

Screen capture of the Twitch Bits Badge Reward Tiers page.
This page is found by clicking “Cheer Badges” under Bits & Cheering after clicking Preferences, then Affiliate/Partner from your dashboard.
  • 1 and 100 bits: Both of these tiers get the initial bits badge, but no additional emote.
  • 1k, 5k, 10k bits: Each with their own badge and emote slot available.

How Do I Earn Additional Bits Badge and Emote Reward Tiers?

Once you have an individual viewer cheer up to a particular reward tier, your channel will unlock all reward tiers up to and including that tier, as well as the next tier up!


A new affiliate will have the 1k, 5k, and 10k bits tiers unlocked and can produce and submit emotes for their channel viewers to use if they cheer those amounts.


Once a viewer has a cheered a total of 10,000 bits (roughly $10), then the 25k Bits tier will unlock for the channel. This gives you, the streamer, time to produce and submit an emote for review.


If that viewer decided to drop say, 100,000 bits (roughly $100!), then your channel will have unlocked 25k, 50k, 75k, 100k, and the 200k reward tier!

You better hurry up and knock out 5 emotes when that happens!

How Do I Change or Set Emotes and Bit Badge at Each Reward Tier?

From the Bits Badge Reward Tiers page, click the Edit button on the right of the tier. This will drop down the Reward Tier Details panel allowing you to change the badge name, badge image, and your emote if it’s available for that tier.

Screenshot of the reward tier details panel.
Initially blank, because that’d be real weird to find someone else’s emotes here.

Make sure your emotes follow the Twitch Guidelines and submit the 3 different sized PNG.

Screen capture showing a crying Doug the Triceratops being submitted as an emote named floydaSad.
Doug the triceratops looks absolutely pitiful in this and I love it to no end.

After your submission, the emote will be in pending approval status until the Twitch Gods deem it worthy and not absurdly NSFW as they did my cat butt emote which I am totally still not mad about at all.

At all. Nope.

Where do I Find Emotes to Use?

I go over this more in the How to Become an Affiliate/Partner article, but the short of it is:

  • Make them yourself using something like Photoshop and a Wacom
  • Pay another creator or artist to make them for you.
  • Never steal artwork. Yes, picking random anime art/etc you find on google is art theft.

In Closing

WOOOOOOOOOOOOO, more emote slots for affiliates! That’s all we should really get out of this for now. Emotes are fun and I think it’s one of the best incentive systems out there to help content creators out there get a community financially behind them.

I personally hate having to do affiliate sales and ads and other bullshit, so run an ad blocker on my site (I recommend UBlock Origin and using Firefox) if you want. I routinely go through the Google Adsense dashboard and review and block a load of scammy ads from ever appearing but I can’t be 100% on it. I only try to do affiliate links to products I think I’d find useful.

If I could avoid it all entirely and have tons of happy viewers/readers with emotes they love, that’d be the best. Outside of Twitch adding FrankerFaceZ support, getting access to more emotes is about the best any of us can hope for.

Let me know in the comments if you’re as excited about this as I am! And if you still aren’t an affiliate yet, then read my How to Stream on Twitch series and start your journey!