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I’ve noticed that one of the more popular, albeit old and poorly written, articles on here is the Free Fully Customizable Twitch Stream Overlay Template. If you are unfamiliar with gIMP, Adobe Photoshop, or others you might find that one a bit overwhelming and confusing.


I’ve opted to use the template to provide some templates for those who would rather have a simple, generic, accessible, and fun overlay right out of the box.

I’ve made three, but I intend to knock out a few more whenever I get bored or have the chance or feel like people would find it useful.

In order, they’ll be one with an SNES theme, NES theme, and an Atari theme!

Example of SNES overlay, the background shows a SNES controller enlarged while Link to the Past is being played and the streamer is visible on camera.
You’ll end up looking just like, not quite handsome probably, but pretty close!

SNES Retro Twitch Stream Overlay

This one is simple and designed, like the other retro overlays, with a 4:3 aspect ratio in mind. Similar to if you were playing on an old-fashioned CRT TV.

If you tell your emulator to display “square pixels”, well, it’s not going to show right and I would recommend putting a solid black background behind the emulator video source and the overlay image source.

There’s an argument to be made about using square pixels, but it’s wrong.

SNES controller background with Donkey Kong Country being played
Click the image for the higher resolution version with the game cutout

NES Retro Twitch Stream Overlay

This one is sure to appeal to most retro streamers and features a very pretty NES controller stock photo.

nes controller background showing Castlevania 3 being played, No camera shown.
Click the image to grab the high quality version without the game screencap!

Atari Retro Twitch Stream Overlay

This one is great if you do actually intend to stream all your Atari 7800 collection but also is nice as a generic dark retro twitch stream overlay.

Hastily made low quality pac-man drawing inside a frame of Atari Games
Click for the full-size image without the “high quality game screenshot”

Wrapping up!

I hope these free retro Twitch stream overlay will be of use to everyone, if you’d more be sure to keep up with the page or comment below. If you’re interested in more stream tips and advice, be sure to check out the How to Stream on Twitch and Succeed series or sign up for the How to Stream newsletter!

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