Title over drawing of a chicken coop

Landscape Doodle Time Lapse

I’ve taken a bit of a break in writing the streaming guide, but I’ve been doing a lot more art lately and I wanted to update everyone on that. Namely, I doodled a picture of my backyard:

It’s at about 6x speed and was pretty easy to throw together with HitFilm Express

I figure if I’m doing the art already I might as well stream it on Twitch.


If I finish the artwork I might as well post it on Instagram.


If I have the footage from Twitch I might as well edit a 30 second time lapse for Instagram clicks.

But wait:

If I already have a video editor open and I’m already making the time lapse, then why don’t I go ahead and make a 10 minute clip as well?

This is all to further my master plan of “work smarter, not harder” that I’ve mentioned a few times in my How to Stream on Twitch Series.

In the long run, I’d like to get the ability to purchase prints of some of my more complete and fancy art on the site as well as set up an Etsy for that as well.

Basically, I want to push my work to as many platforms as possible without doing much additional work. The foundation is already there so it should be easy, right?

In addition, I’ve also set up the Floydasaurus Patreon. Not that I expect a lot of patrons, but there didn’t seem to be much of a downside or risk. And like my Ruth Bader Ginsburg Scarves, not doing it was basically leaving money on the table.

I’m not joking, I have legitimately sold a Ruth Bader Ginsburg Scarf now.

Anyways, in the near future I’d like to do a write-up on how I used Twitch and HitFilm Express to make that time lapse video. For other art or creative streamers it could be handy, and if you do a lot of gaming streams the same info can be used to make Instagram videos from your Twitch Clips or compilation videos thrown into YouTube.

Be sure to let me know what you think of the plan in the comments!

P.S. Some WordPress update or plugin update keeps changing my site link structure and it is driving me up the wall.

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