Couldn’t Sleep == Site Updates

I had surgery last April the 26th on my face to help my breathing. Breathing is fine now, but I haven’t really got much done in the lead up or the post-op period. I was having trouble sleeping last night though and decided I’d at least throw up a silly little sales landing page for the Meow book.


You’ve heard of Meow, right?

Of course you have!

It’s only the talk of the town. The book filled with only the word Meow? It has an adorable cat on the front and back covers and everything.

Everything a human mind could ever want from a novel, if you ask me. And you did.

Turns out there was more work to that than I intended and it’s now 7:40 A.M. and I’m awfully tired and I had planned to cook a Cinco de Mayo breakfast for my family.

What’s New?

Well, for one, the Meow sales page.

I wanted to create one for it for a couple of reasons:

  • It’s a silly book and sales landing pages are deadly serious.
  • I can use this sales landing page as reference for all those other books I have coming out.

But, this presented a few problems.

  • I’d need a Books page now as a central hub of all those sweet new sales pages.
  • I’d need to set up a mailchimp newsletter as a sales carrot to get people to buy the book or sign up for KindleUnlimited (for 30-days free even)
  • New pages means I had to create new menus.
  • I remembered I had set up a page promoting my editing services, so I then had to write up the email campaign for that.
  • I had set up WooCommerce to handle those payments, but now I had to make sure people could access their accounts and shopping carts for those services.

TL;DR: I fell down an absolute rabbit hole up site updates.

What Now?

Well, what now indeed!

I’m still writing How to Stream on Twitch and Succeed. I’m not done yet and I don’t have a timeframe beyond, “soon.”

I say that because I’m starting at Lambda School in July for Android Development. That’s likely take up all my time for the rest of the year and I won’t get as much writing done as I’d like to have finished.

In addition to that I have a yet-to-be-named Editing Algorithms book coming out alongside the Young Adult novel I started on Twitch.

All of which I want done before Lambda!

Also, sidenote, I think I’m going to stop bothering with featured post images unless they are relevant and necessary. I’m not sure if they’ve had much of a SEO effect but I’m real lazy when it comes to that level of minutia.

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