Best Small Twitch Streamers in 2017

It’s no surprise to many of you that I spend a lot of time watching Twitch. This makes me the best person to be able to tell you who the best streamers on Twitch are for 2017.

I’m not claiming to be an expert by any means. Alright so I am claiming to be an expert since I write the How to Stream on Twitch and Succeed series.

But I have a good reason!

I watch 10 hours (or more) of Twitch each day. I use it not only for background noise while I work, but also as a social platform to keep in touch with peers, friends and even family.

That’s right, even my parents use Twitch to see what I’m up to!

But enough about me, let’s get to the point:

Who have I been spending the most time watching this year?

I dedicate many hours to these 5 streamers. Some are new, some are the funniest you’ll have ever seen, some are even from alternative lifestyles (like writersewww). Alongside each, I’m giving my reasoning for absolutely loving their channel.

In absolutely no particular order:


Cats is probably the most family-friendly streamer on the list. The one time I thought she cursed everyone in chat panicked and we had to study the clip (she didn’t!). She’s one of the best streamers and speedrunners to hit the scene.

I first started watching Cats during the Best of NES Big 20 #5 earlier this year, where she came out of nowhere and grabbed 18th. I wasn’t jealous, despite only grabbing 25th.

As of now, she’s practicing for the Big 20 #6. She’s already a pro at games like Castlevania III and Mega Man and I can’t wait to see how she places. I know I’m going to be glued to her channel all day on September 2nd!

The chat has a friendly atmosphere of other speedrunners and retro gamers. If you ever find yourself needing help on a speedrun, then don’t hesitate. It’s possible you’ll have a world-record holder hanging out there, assuming it’s not Cats herself.


Maurice, or Mo/Moe/Mo’ for short, has quickly started racking up the followers. It won’t be a surprise when he hits partnership. I half-expect it to be later this year. He’s a retro gamer himself and labels himself the RPGenius when it comes to jRPGs, but he’s also an incredibly capable fighting game competitor.

Thursday’s viewers can throw down and test their mettle against Mo in a variety of games ranging from older King of Fighters classics to the latest Tekken. That’s assuming nobody tricked him into a round of Windjammers.

Mo is known for his incredibly boisterous attitude, loud and aggressive gameplay, friendly atmosphere and not-so-family-friendly language. Not to say that Mo isn’t family friendly, as it’s not a surprise to see a kid (or his wife, Cindy) making a cameo.

As a father myself, that’s something I respect and appreciate. He puts a lot of effort into his family life and the quality of his stream and it really shows why he’s one of the best streamers out there.


I’ve started watching Draco only in the past 3 or 4 months, but he’s absolutely entertaining. His streams start late in the evening for me typically and run extremely late.

This man is an attractive, svelte machine. Like a BMW or something else I couldn’t afford to keep but would love– you know what, nevermind, we’re getting sidetracked here!

Back to his stream:

Draco plays a lot of retro games, specifically a lot of 16 and 32-bit era consoles like the SNES and N64. His streams are so much fun that it’s actually gotten me excited about the SNES enough to start saving for an SD2SNES, which is a flash cartridge like my Powerpak. That’s the kind of power the best streams have.

His chat is lively, which may be a recurring theme of this list. I enjoy a streamer who maintains a fun, energetic, and friendly community. No toxic attitudes can be found here and he’s a refreshing drink away from some of the toxicity of larger streamers.


I absolutely adore the artwork of Axis. I was first introduced by hoopyHitchhiker, who needs to stream more!, and Axis was playing Mass Effect at the time. Her channel is laid back and there is often chill electronica playing in the background.

But wow was I surprised when I saw her stream creative. Grae is her artist owned, illustrated and written comic that she maintains and finishes most pages on stream. On top of that, we’ll often see a variety of fan art from her own D&D campaign, Mass Effect and more.

If I was working long hours doing art professionally, then doing more would be the last thing on my mind when I got home. That’s what I admire about Axis so much, she absolutely loves doing what she does and it really shows.

How much fun are Axis streams?

Fun enough that I’ve ended mine early to watch.


Last, but not least, is Radon. I first encountered Radon from Maurice_33’s stream and assumed it’d be some lame, beginner streamer who hangs out in another streamer’s chat stealing viewers.

Definitely wrong.

If there’s another streamer bound for partnership on this list it’s Radon, hands down. Not only is his stream of professional quality, but showcases recurring features and entertaining anecdotes on par with streams with hundreds of thousands of followers.

He’s also a veritable encyclopedia of video game knowledge and has the largest collection of anyone on the list so far.

But if you only have one takeaway from this entire article:

Take this: Radon’s Thoughts on Boshy

That man has the patience of a saint. I Want to be the Boshy has to be the hardest F’ing game I’ve ever seen anyone play in my entire life and he willed himself through it like none other this year. I couldn’t believe it.

It was like watching an entertaining car accident where Radon dies hundreds of times an hour.


Well, that about wraps up the first 5 that came to my mind. As of this writing, both Maurice_33 and Catsonurhead are streaming.

I started the article watching Cats play through the Big 20 List so I think I’ll make a quick visit over to Mo to celebrate this article completion. There’s no real winner in the list, they are all great and stream mostly-different schedules so it’ll be easy to find a fit for yourself.

Hopefully, I can get some more Twitch articles out to support the wide variety of smaller streamers out there. It can be hard to find an audience, especially with a lot of streamers out there that haven’t followed How to Stream on Twitch and Succeed, but they are out there.

And every one of them deserves a rabid fan base!

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