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As the site is becoming more and more speedrunning, retro gaming and streaming focused it’s time to get you watching some of the great streams I keep following!

Today I start a weekly feature where I mention a streamer to follow and unique things they do to


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If you want to watch the fastest Ninja Gaiden speedrunner there is, then look no further than Arcus87. Arcus has been in a nonstop race against himself to one up his absolutely jaw-dropping world record a few frames at a time.

Sound like a lot of work?

It most definitely is. Ninja Gaiden is a pretty rough game as is, but Arcus has placed more than 20,000.

The game is difficult enough that Arcus still makes mistakes and has incomplete runs due to bad RNG.

And you know what?

He takes every death, legitimate or bad RNG, in stride. In all my time watching, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Arcus upset.

Part of me kind of admires that, because there are plenty of streams out there that are constant shouts of expletives. I guess some viewers like that sort of thing?

Not me.

I like to chill out and enjoy a stream, and he is the very definition of chill


Arcus’s community is also one of the better ones I’ve experienced on Twitch. He has regular viewers, people who stumble upon his channel and world class speedrunners all hanging out and participating in the chat.

All of that combines to make an enjoyable chat experience that I’d keep up even if the stream isn’t live. Definitely recommend participating if you have the chance.


This man is an absolute streaming machine. If you want to kick back and enjoy some quality speedrunning you won’t have too much trouble catching him live.

  • Monday through Friday: 9am – 8pm with an hour break between 2 and 3.

The man is in Arizona so daylight savings doesn’t affect him, and those times are in his timezone. A solid 10 hours of streaming each day throughout the business week.

Absolute insanity. I’m not sure if I’d be able to keep up that level of commitment with any game and he’s been doing it


Every once in awhile, Arcus will compete in a SpeedrunsLive event. Recently this was Big 20 #6 (just like I competed in and got 25th!) where Arcus was able to nab 4th place after daily practice of grinding out the entire Big 20 list twice a day.

That Yume Penguin time! Kreygasm

As you can see he really did really, really well throughout the entire 20 Famicom titles, particular in Moon Crystal and Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels.

Be sure to follow Arcus87 whenever you have the chance!

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