Holy Diver Stage 3 Walkthrough with Screenshots

Holy Diver is an absolute pain in the ass and Big 20 #6 requires everyone to beat up to stage 3.

Well guess what?

Stage 3 is an absolute nightmare of high skill platforming and memorization of enemy patterns.

I’ve put together a few screenshots to hopefully make this easier for everyone.

First Three Rooms

The first area of stage 3 are pretty straight forward and can be, more or less, bypassed by using Blizzard to freeze everything a couple times at the cost of 20 mana. The second screen features a few bugs flying around, freezing everything with Blizzard is the best option again.

This should bring you down to about 40 mana, but you can refill by shooting the top most (the second) eye that drips the blue tears. The first one has a health pickup if you need it, but if you froze everything your health should still be pretty full.

The third room features more bugs, another Blizzard and make your way to the bottom and pick up the high jump boots. Once grabbed we can begin the hard part by jumping up to the room exit near the middle of the room.

Room Four Hype

Now the real Holy Diver begins!

Immediately you need to switch to Breaker. Jump and on the drop fire off breaker into the fish and try to get him in one shot. If you’re lucky, you’ll get the stone bat thing as well. If not, stay on the edge and use your normal shots while he flaps.

After those two are dealt with, you can switch to Blizzard and freeze the room before moving forward. You’ll have a (hopefully frozen) lava pit to jump over and a fish guy to Breaker on the other end.

After that:

You’ll have this little area with at least 10 mana left. There is a small hill with a bat on either side. On the right side will be another fish guy that needs to be dealt with with one more breaker.

No mana? No problem. Jump and fire away at the right bat and he’ll drop a full mana refill. Which you will absolutely need for the next room

Continue right and hang out on the stairs here:

Switch to breaker. The next room is probably the hardest and will require you to be very, very precise with your breaker shots.

Room Five

You’re going to hop from the second step from the top to the left. You’ll land on the next screen and do a much larger jump left.

See here:

At the peak of that jump you’ll need to fire a Breaker shot to take out the fish guy. Ignore the one on the right side, as you need to conserve your mana a bit. Keep moving left. There will be another fish guy, if you were lucky you shot him with your first Breaker, if not, deal with him.

Keep moving left and fall off the platform.

Before you land on the wing:

Switch to blizzard and freeze the lava, then switch back to breaker, grab the wing, and keep moving left.

See the frozen lava? Good. You have one shot at this next part, because you won’t have enough mana to refreeze the lava, kill the fish guys, and the weird green dude.

Pay close attention:

Keep moving left and at the last moment before the worms hit you, jump up to the cliff edge.

A little late, after the peak of your jump, fire a Breaker. Hopefully this takes out the bottom fish and hits our green friend behind him. Jump again and quickly dispatch the other fish guy with another Breaker.

Keep Moving Forward otherwise you risk being knocked backwards into the lava. Try to dispatch this first green guy, because you need to pickup his health refill to be able to damage boost through a couple enemies here in a bit.

Once he’s dealt with, go up the stairs on the far left side.

This room is more relaxing:

Room Six

First, stand where I am in the screenshot and fire to the right, knocking out three wheels. There’s no RNG here so the pattern is always the same.

Then make a jump to the platform on the right:

Take a small jump straight up while firing up and you’ll take out another wheel. Jump to the platform on your left then:

Jump straight up here and fire up to kill another wheel that is dropping.

After which, it’s a pretty straight forward ascent to the top right where you’ll exit for the seventh room.

Room Seven

One of the easier rooms as long as you keep pressing forward. You shouldn’t stop for much here.

Keep pressing forward until you get here, then jump and swipe out this wheel:

Following the wheel, jump up taking out another wheel and jump the lava pit that follows:

Jump up the platform, taking out another wheel and you should see the wing pickup to the right as well.

Wing Location:

Grab it for full mana and press right to the next room, have blizzard ready. You’ll descend and immediately freeze the room.

Room Eight

There’s going to be a couple damage boosts in this area that can lose you a lot of health. It’s important your health is full from the green guy kill in room six. If you don’t have full health, go ahead and drop into the lava below to both pick up the extra life in the corner and to take a death. You’ll respawn ready to take on the room.

Now that the room is frozen, descend the stairs and head right. There will be a green guy bouncing and firing.

The way damage boosting works is pretty important here, you’ll always be knocked into the direction the enemy is currently moving. No matter which part of your sprite from which direction is hit, if the enemy is moving right you’ll be knocked right.

That’s the goal here, have the enemy moving right and get knocked through him onto the frozen lava.

Your Blizzard effect should be wearing off right about the time you land on the ice. This is fine and you have two ways forward:

  • Jump into the middle of the lava before casting Blizzard. Then shoot your way out. Faster, but may be nerve wracking for people not wanting to take damage.
  • Freeze the lava with Blizzard and shoot your way across.

Whichever way you cross, you still have another green guy to the right. You could kill him, but if you notice in the screenshot below:

There is a health upgrade to the right. Damage boost through the green guy to grab it. It’ll refill your health to max when it extends your health bar.

The rest of the room is pretty straight forward, cast blizzard to freeze the room and keep moving right, don’t worry about the last green guy:

Room Nine

We’re nearly there!

Do you see how the bugs are laid out in this room? When they activate they are going to chase your sprite. If you don’t move for a second that means they’ll all head to the lower left hand corner of the screen.

Jump over the one closest to you as they pass to that corner, then jump back to the left platform that was right above your starting location. From here it’s an easy ascent to the upper right to the 10th and final room.

Make sure you equip Breaker before you enter.

Room Ten

The boss is a lot easier than the previous rooms thanks to an interesting quirk with breaker:

Enemies take damage for every frame they are in the first ball of breaker.

So stand close in the lower right and nail this bastard with breaker right as it peeks out. The first half of the battle should be over.

Wait for the second one to pop up in the same location and cast breaker again.

Congrats, you’ve finished stage 3 of Holy Diver. A game that has frustrated many people.

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