Quick Answer to “What to Blog About?”

I’m still getting used to blogging daily again and truth of the matter is:

I haven’t written daily for at least a few years at this point and I’m not sure what topics to write about.

But this isn’t my first rodeo, I’ve done this before and I’ve been paid (admittedly underpaid) to make sure the blogs were successful. Right now I’m focusing on getting fun and unique articles out each day. Regardless how random. Once I’ve got that under my belt I’ll be able to add fiction and kindle publishing to my daily goals.

I’ve got the site to where I want it, as far as plugins/themes/weird errors/Google integration/etc, which gives me the entire morning to write each day after preparing breakfast and getting the kid off to school.

But you’re probably wondering:

What Topics Should I Write About in the End?

I’m posting a variety of content for now from personal to tech to political. I’m playing with tone and voice until I get a feel for what works best for me. For all anyone knows the site could be nothing but articles about NES games a year from now, or a subversive political blog.

But maybe:

Just Maybe I’ll blog nothing but cat pictures. All day. Every day.

SEO the hell out of kittens.

At least that would give everyone a source of lighter fare over the next four years. I’ve been drawing cat pictures, so that’d at least be a solid creative outlet!

I don’t think I can manage a non-furious tone with the direction we’ve been heading in the first few weeks of this presidency. We’ll be seeing a bit more activism related posts going forward.

What Matters Most?

I think the most important thing with the blog is going to be consistency. The same goes for streaming. I need to make sure that I have a consistent flow of material each day on this site. I hope to have posts scheduled for the next morning, or get to the speed where I can write content and post on the fly as it happens throughout the morning.

Another concern of mine is word count per post. With YouTube, I can see the average view time per video to get an idea of how long a tutorial should last before people move on (~5 minutes at most). Google Analytics can give me similar data for the blog, but how useful is time spent on the site concerning article length? What’s the effect on more clicks? Does this affect SEO and AdSense revenue? I’d imagine some SEO resesarch is in order for me, which is incredibly fun and not a pain in the ass at all.

More importantly:

Should I be writing to market like that? On the one hand it loses a sense of authenticity if writing content explicitly to generate page views. On the other hand I could write the greatest article in the world and it would be meaningless if I threw it into a well where nobody can read it. And to that end, if nobody is searching for the content to begin with nobody is going to find it.

At a certain point a happy medium exists, I’m sure of it. It’s only going to be a matter of time before I find it and start getting organic shares and views. Then I can kick back and relax and enjoy the sweet life as those millions of blog dollars roll in without having to do any work at all.

Right? Right.