Always Check Your VODs and/or Soundcheck

Streamed a little over 3 hours tonight and had a blast playing some Rogue Leader and Ghosts N Goblins. Both on the original hardware (Gamecube and NES respectively) patched through the tv in a complicated mesh of wires (more detail in yesterday’s post).

Yesterday I had recorded myself locally within OBS Studio while playing NES and sound checked myself to make sure levels were alright before I streamed. What I didn’t do was also sound check the Gamecube, because I thought I had it hooked up the exact same so what could go wrong?

Take a look at the tonight’s VOD, or rather a listen, and you can hear for yourself. My microphone audio sounds fine but the game sounds… weird. Later on in the VOD you can hear Ghosts’N Goblins, which is ABSOLUTELY FINE.

So What’s the God-Damned Deal?!

Well, turns out I had patched the Gamecube’s right and left channel of audio into only the RIGHT channel of audio for the TV. Since the game was playing the audio in Mono it sounded fine in my headset.

However, since that means the Left channel was empty and passed through to the line in on my PC and captured we end up with that weird distortion caused by whatever electrical interference was going on that empty line.

Definitely bizarre and definitely more evidence that it’s always worth it to check the VOD after a stream, at least if you’re using a new setup or system until you are 100% confident.

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