Capture Card and CRT Ready to Roll!

Awwwwwwwwww yess, finally got the NES cooperating with the Dazzle capture card and my usb mixer. I’m really excited to start streaming a lot more retro titles. I really can’t recommend the Dazzle enough after going through with all of this.

I’ve also ordered a PowerPak, so I’ll be playing a lot more NES games on the original hardware as opposed to emulation.


I can not emphasize that enough. Basically, the NES-101 top loader does not have RCA output, only composite through the RF adapter. Luckily my TV has A/V output (I imagine for connecting to a VCR back in the day), so I passed the NES to the TV via the ANT input, then used RCA cables on the A/V out and sent the video to the Dazzle.


TV Video > Dazzle Video Input

TV Audio L+R > RCA Composite to 3.5mm Audio Jack > Line In on PC

USB Audio Mixer Setup:

Microphone connected via XLR to mixer

Line 1 set to receive from USB Play to Main Mix

Under the recording tab in sound properties, check the Line In Properties. Under the Listen tab, check “Listen to this device”.

Patching the audio in from the Line-In was the only way I was able to keep the audio from being lagged and having to add a delay to my video feed (and confusing myself in my own headphones).

Annnnnyways, I hope to get more retro streams going in the future now that this is all set up and good to go. The same set up also allowed me to hook up our Gamecube!